Generator services

Service & Repair for Power Generators

Our customers recognise that it makes sense to regularly service an engine in continuous use with adjustments to maintain peak efficiency and components checked for wear. Engines in standby applications also benefit from regular maintenance as standby equipment is expected to work instantly on demand.

Over time the deterioration of lubricants and fuel may occur and actually inhibit easy starting, rubber components and hoses may even become brittle. These are items that can easily be identified and corrected during a maintenance call.

Regular servicing not only ensures that engines run more efficiency and economically but helps to prevent costly breakdowns and unplanned downtime.

All our service work is carried out to the very high standards set by factory trained engineers who have an extensive knowledge of our products gained both through specialised training and practical experience. Our engineers are also specially trained in diagnostic techniques and to undertake preventative maintenance.

Preventive maintenance and repairs requires skilled staff to ensure engines are returned to peak performance.

When you’re running a business, you can’t afford to lose power. And whether you maintain a generator for emergency backup electricity or for prime power, your generator is an important part of your operation.
Regular generator maintenance is critical to ensuring that your generator works when you need it most. We also offer generator repair and 24/7 emergency service.

Gauteng Generator Service offer a turn-key approach to satisfying clients’ backup power requirements. Our team is committed to optimise response times and ensure comprehensive covering across South Africa.

Gauteng Generator Service offer everything from site assessments, generator installations, services and maintenance, to generator rentals. Our philosophy is that responsive service that meets your expectations, is paramount. Our history of providing extraordinary sales and support services has established the company as one of the most reputable of its kind in the country.

Our generator services include:

  • Comprehensive on-site assessments to establish your backup power requirements.
  • Custom designed generators, built to your requirements and specifications.
  • Generator delivery and installation.
  • Free 24/7 on-site technical assistance during the warranty period.
  • Ongoing generator maintenance and service contracts.